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From Margaret Hardisty
Dear Hurting, Frustrated, Angry Wife,

Men just don’t get it, do they?  Women’s deepest longings and hidden hurts have swished right over their heads. You’ve tried to tell your man, I know, but he just doesn’t hear you – or he doesn’t care. He even may think it’s all about him – not you. Husbands, on the whole, are like that.  They don’t hear.

I’m Margaret Hardisty and I want you to know that I fully understand.  That’s why we have bestselling books and have been invited to speak before thousands of groups. We have used these concepts over and over again because men do listen to us.  Hundreds of thousands of husbands do it differently after we clued them in as to why their wives react as they do, what causes the women’s unhappiness (as well as the men’s) and how easy it is for guys to turn all of that around.

In the video above, my son, Dr. Vance Hardisty, spoke to you about the ancient Truth that men don’t understand. Few women understand it, either, and that is this:  A man actually holds the KEY to his wife’s heart and the happiness of their marriage.  Not the woman.  She has a smaller key, but he has the big one....the most effective one. The details of why that is so, and where it all began is spelled out in my books. Vance talks about it in his seminars and counseling. I talk about it in mine. When a man uses that key, it works wonders.  Here’s an example of results we get.

As I read Forever My Love I saw that I’m like Sagebrush. She had to come up against this sagebrush and it hurt her. She just wants a loving husband. I’m different now. I also see now, as I observe other men that if a man does just little things that please his wife, he can have her eating out of his hand.

Kelly Fray
Truck Owner and Operator / Concord, California

Over the years, my husband had been rude and unkind, but one day it seemed especially hard. Do you remember, Margaret? You said to me, “You don’t love your husband, Connie. If you did you would do what is best for him. And it isn’t best for him if you let him treat you badly.” That gave me insight and courage.

Shortly after, I showed my favorite teacup to my husband, “This teacup was broken, but even though it was mended, it still has a crack in it. I feel broken just like this cup because of the way you treat me.” To my amazement, he went to his knees to ask me to forgive him. Later, I handed him a copy of Forever My Love. What a change there has been in his attitude toward me! Instead of a miserable existence with the man I love, I now have a wonderful one.

Connie Fray
Concord, California

(For more of the Fray’s testimony, click on: Success Stories)

Much of your hurt will disappear once you understand about the Key and why it is in your husband’s possession, because then you can help your husband use it.  We give you new and fresh insight into the origins behind why you feel and react the way you do. It comes from an ancient truth that has been a part of women throughout the centuries and is part of who we are today. Once you and your husband are aware of it, then you have the foundation you need to build a beautiful union together with the tools we give you.

That’s why we developed our Love Relationship System for Men. It includes the book Keep Love Exciting & Lasting, an Action Guide, an Mp3 Audio of the book, in case he doesn’t like to read, and 14 days of Romance Now (practical steps he will receive every day by email to turn your marriage around.)

You don’t need marriage counseling and all the expense and time that goes with it.

The most effective alternative available is putting into action the truths that we lay out for you. 

If you are concerned with, or thinking about divorce - don’t be. We help you stop divorce in its tracks.

Yes, Dear Lady, we are suggesting that you order the Love Relationship System for your man first. As soon as you order the Love Relationship System for Men for your husband, don’t stop there.  Come back and get the Love Relationship System for Women - for you - because, even though he holds the key, you need to be on the same page.  Your material is not a repeat of his.  It is completely different and designed to make the turn around of your marriage go much faster. 

What He Will Get With His
Love Relationship System – for Men

Tool #1

Keep Love Exciting and Lasting
For The Man Who Wants More Of
Everything From His Wife

12 Ways, 12 Pieces of Armor if you will, 12 Tools all wrapped up in one that will show your husband, step by step, what a man must do to have you become the wife of his dreams. They all are within his reach, because he has what it takes. He just hasn’t known how to use it. Now he will. That is why the cover of this book shows a guy and a woman who are having fun, delighting in each other and feeling totally comfortable in each other’s presence. This can be your husband and you.  A $29 value




Tool # 2 

Mp3 – Audio of Keep Love Exciting And Lasting

A man can get a ton of help reading the book. But some guys are audio people, rather than visual. Or they just don’t have the time to sit down and read. They prefer to listen as they drive, work in the yard, jog or...well...just listen. Of course, if  your guy does both – reads the book and then listens to the audio or vice versa, he’ll get the second time what he may have missed the first time – and that’s twice the power to revolutionize your marriage. So we are including an Audio of the book in Mp3 format. We want him to let these truths impact him in every way so he is on track to remake your marriage.  A $69 value

Tool # 3

Keep Love Exciting and Lasting –
Action Guide

We also have a terrific Action Guide to help your guy summarize what he’s read or heard. By zipping through it, writing a few things down and keeping it handy for quick reference, he’ll remember longer what he has listened to and read. It will give him that added impetus to be the man God intended him to be. It is studded with photos that speak to his male strength.  A $19 value



Bonus #1

Teleseminar on Respect

Many men complain that their wives don’t respect them.  Margaret Hardisty and Dr. Vance Hardisty tackle the first question many husbands have, “How do I get my wife and kids to respect me?”  Includes: the reasons why respect is lost in a family and speciic steps to regain it.
A $29 value

Bonus #2

Teleseminar on Communication

The Rules of Argument – how to disagree without ruining your relationship.
Margaret Hardisty and Dr. Vance Hardisty deal with one of the most prevalent topics today – effective communication between husband and wife. 
 A $29 value

Bonus # 3

Romance Now

180 Days to RomanceSince we know our material will change your life and marriage, we developed one of the most unique and powerful relationship tools your husband will ever use.  It is called Romance Now. 

Nobody does this, anywhere – just us.
We don’t dump a lot of marriage information on people and then cut them free to sink or swim on their own.

The greatest progress occurs when people have a coach who will mentor them step by step.  So, each day, your guy will receive one easy thing he can do to awaken romance in your relationship.  Most of them will take less than a minute to read and only a few minutes to do, and were custom designed for him  as a man. 

We guarantee - your marriage will never, and we mean never, be the same.

We are so convinced that these miracle working ideas will make a big change in your marriage that we are giving your husband a 14 day free trial membership of Romance Now. When he sees how wonderful they make you feel, then after the 14 free days, we are certain you’ll want him to continue his membership, as so many have.  It’s incredibly inexpensive – only $9.97 a month (that’s just $.33 a day – 33 cents! That’s it!)  He’ll continue to receive, in his email, exciting ways to keep your relationship vibrant. Even if he doesn’t do each and every one of them, we know you’ll act thrilled with what he does do, so he’ll be encouraged to continue.  You can cancel at any time with a quick email or phone call.  Charges stop immediately – no hassles – no questions asked!

The entire package for him?

Digital Version
Just $47.00!

(Total value if you bought each item separately? $180.00)
The low price is because we’re in
this to help your marriage succeed

Printed Version
Just $67.00!

(Additional cost is for packaging
and shipping)


The cost is no more than a nice dinner out for the two of you.
But the result? A lifetime of happiness.


Did you order the material for your Husband?
Whether you did or didn’t, here’s something more you need to know.

I’ve talked about “we,” and by that I mean those who have come alongside me to help hurting marriages: George, my husband of lots of years who treats me like a queen; our son, Vance. who spoke with you on the video and who has been married to his wife, Julie, for a long time and treats her like a Princess; the thousands of couples who have benefited from our unusual but highly effective method of changing the dynamics between husbands and wives; and most important of all – the One Who heads up our team and to Whom we look for guidance: God.

You heard from Vance earlier on the video, but here’s more from him:

My Mother is right.  Men just don’t get it.  I know, because the things that I do for my wife, Julie, so that she stays in love with me, don’t come naturally. I learned them from my Dad and he learned them from his Dad.  We also married women who knew how to let us know what we were doing right and when and where we were getting off track. And they still do. Their input is invaluable.

Your input, as your guy finally gets it about the ancient Truth we’ve been talking about – the Truth that will make all the difference, is invaluable, as well. I said it on the video, but I need to say it again because we want you to have a marriage that is wonderful:

When your man starts to make changes, there is much you can do to encourage him to continue along that path. There also is much you can do to cause him to throw up his hands and say, “What’s the use?”

So we developed the Women’s version of the Love Relationship System, as well.  It includes the book Love Me Always, along with an Action Guide and an Audio and your version of Romance Now (it’s different than your husband’s).

We received this recently:

Margaret, I wish I would have known about your books when I got married 35 years ago. They probably would have saved my husband and me a lot of problems we had to hammer out for ourselves! As you said in your book, though, it’s never too late to teach an old dog new tricks. I plan to use many of your ideas to be a better helpmeet to my husband and also pass on some tidbits to my daughter and son-in-law.

Leslie Denning
Assist-Pro Transcription Services
Dixon, MO 65459

For a few of the many testimonies we’ve received, click on Success Stories

Leslie now knows that happiness isn’t a one-way street, even though the man holds the key. Sometimes the wife has to make the first moves.

Here’s what You Will Get With Your
Love Relationship System – for Women

Tool #1

Love Me Always
Margaret’s latest book, delivered as
an ebook or in print, if you prefer.

Female emotional needs confuse and frustrate a man. This book shows a woman how she can make her husband aware of how she needs to be treated.  When your husband understands you, your relationship with your beloved becomes transformed.  He is amazed. You are thrilled.

Not only will you discover why you feel resentful and discouraged at times over your relationship with the man you used to adore and love with all your heart, but Love Me Always hands you 12 ways you can help him make your marriage one that is bursting with love, romance and togetherness.  This book is a must for every woman.  A $29 value



Tool #2

Love Me Always Action Guide 

Women have feelings and thoughts that are, frankly, beyond a man’s comprehension.  This Action Guide that accompanies the Love Me Always book gives you the pleasure of adding your thoughts and observations to those we’ve given you.  You can pour out your heart in the spaces provided.  Later, you can add to them by entering the changes that have taken place in your relationship. 

To make it even more pleasurable, the Guide is enhanced with lovely photos that tie into its contents. It will be your treasure to keep.  A $19 value



Tool #3

Love Me Always Mp3 Audio Package

So you are a busy lady and sitting down with a book
isn’t an option right now.  We understand that – oh,
so well – so we’ve provided you with an Mp3 audio
of our Love Me Always book so you can listen to it as you drive, exercise, or while you are involved in must-do activities around the home.  Then, when you do have time to read the book and use the Action Guide, the truths will be doubly effective and useful.  A $69 value

Bonus #1

Teleseminar on Respect

Yes, this is the same teleseminar that we are giving your husband because it’s so important.  Margaret Hardisty and Dr. Vance Hardisty tackle the first question that many men have, “How do I get my wife and kids to respect me?” Includes: the reasons why respect is lost in a family and  specific steps to regain it. A $29 value

Bonus #2

Teleseminar on Communication

The Rules of Argument – how to disagree without ruining your relationship.

Margaret Hardisty and Dr. Vance Hardisty deal with one of the most prevalent topics today – effective communication between husband and wife. A $29 value 

Bonus #3

Romance Now

180 Days to RomanceRomance Now exclusively designed for you.  This is different than his.  You get daily steps to take so that your marriage will be revitalized and you will become the woman your man has always dreamed of.  

Like we said before, nobody does this, anywhere – just us.

Ladies, this is the way you get on the same page as your man.  Think of what it would be worth to you to be working with him for the same goal: your marriage getting better, faster, because both of you are pulling for the same results!  Yes, that’s priceless.

The cost is no more than a pair of dress shoes
but the result?
A lifetime of Happiness.

The entire package for you?

Digital Version
Just $47.00!

(Total value if you bought each item separately? $180.00)
The low price is because we’re in
this to help your marriage succeed

Printed Version
Just $67.00!

(Additional cost is for packaging
and shipping)



Our Love Relationship System for Women has so much in it because we know we can help you and we want that more than anything.  Here are a few of the issues we address.

  1. How to get your spouse to fall in love with you all over again. 
  2. How to avoid or stop fights and repair your relationship. 
  3. How to gain respect for your husband that you may have lost.
  4. How to slam the door on cheating – either his or yours – by using
    the smaller key you hold to the happiness of your marriage.
  5. How to get your man to change his attitude toward you, by discovering and using this one exciting truth about yourself.
  6. What you need to keep you from walking out of your marriage and regretting it later.
  7. The unique emotional weakness every man has. How to understand it and use it to your advantage. 
  8. How to get him to help you when and where you need it the most.
  9. Want your husband to adore you?  Here’s how.
  10. How to get him to talk with and listen to you.

And much more.  If you are dealing with the worst kinds of nightmares, such as addictions, affairs, abuse, lack of spiritual understanding and more, we address those, too.

We don’t overlook sexual intimacy, either, because usually it’s the woman who begins to resist.  That’s why we’ve talked at length with your husband about how not to turn you off.  But sometimes the cause of a lady’s reluctance – or her lack of enjoyment – runs much deeper. Here’s an example.

Since I was raised to conceive a woman's enjoyment of sex as shameful and disgusting, yet normal for the husband, Margaret Hardisty's book, "Forever My Love," was a primary stepping stone on the road to my psychological recovery. She even took the time from her busy schedule to personally meet with my husband, Bill, and I, refusing to accept any compensation. That's because she genuinely cares about marriages and doesn''t just want to help them to survive, but to THRIVE--and she does! The advice she gives is timeless...we have spent 30+ years following Margaret's pearls of wisdom and our marriage is stronger than ever.

Connie Catalfio,
Wife, Mother, Author,
Grosse Point Woods, Michigan

Here’s something else. Even professionals have problems, just like anyone – even marriage counselors.  Many have shared with us that their own marriages were changed when they applied the Key you’ll learn about in our material.

Then there are those professionals who use our material to help their patients.

I have personally recommended your book (Forever My Love) for many years. I consider it to be timeless, easy to read with practical suggestions. My patients have told me they finally understood what a marriage relationship was, how to make theirs better.... How could a book be more helpful?

Dean Haddock,
Psy.D, psychologist, Executive Director
of Community Counseling and Psychological Services
Bakersfield, California.

Some of the many testimonies we’ve received are on Success Stories

And let’s not forget our brave fighting forces and their spouses.  The pressures they face seem insurmountable, but as this Chaplain attests, the same Key applies to them as well.

I have used your books to help others in the military have stronger marriages and families, taking the biblical principles and sharing them with couples in premarital and marriage counseling over 22 years in the United States Air Force Chaplaincy.

James D. Rozman
USAF Chaplain (Ret)Teacher, School Administrator
San Jose, CA

The more you delay, the more difficult it will become for you and your spouse to overcome the problems and taste the sweetness of success in your relationship that can be yours.  Once you and your guy start embracing our Love Relationship System and see the delightful changes it will make, you and he will thank God the rest of your lives for your wonderful marriage.

Men's System Digital Version for Immediate Download

Women´s System Digital Version for Immediate Download

Both Systems Together
Just $76.00!

Once you get your system and you see it beginning to work, please get in touch with us. Tell us the details of what happened. We love hearing the stories. And yes, we don’t know you, but we love you and we care about you and your Love Relationship.

Your Friends,

P.S.  Here’s the bottom line:  what’s your relationship worth?  We promise you, if you order this material, give it a try, and it doesn’t work, we’ll return every penny you spent.  Just call us on our 800 line or email:  This is a no risk shot at having the marriage you’ve always wanted.

P.P.S. If you are hesitant about ordering, feel free to email and ask us any or


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